About Us

Established in 1994,

Experience and Expertise

Kathmandu Security Services Pvt. Ltd. (KSS) is an ISO Certified private security service provider agency established as a partnership firm in 25/12/2047 (08 April 1991) and thereby commenced its operation. Later on it converted into a private company and registered with Company Registrar’s Office at the office of Govt. of Nepal on 25/12/2050 B.S. (07 April 1994 A.D.). KSS has a core team of professionals devoted exclusively to enhancing security services to the company and customers based upon experiences such as Senior ex-police officers, retired Airlines director, businessman involved in travel trade and officials with experience in management which is one of the renowned and pioneer private security organizations.


We look forward to your Safety, Security and Co-operation.


Quality Policy:

With the well define quality policy and is committed to provide a fault free and reliable service at an optimum cost and on time to all its customers, to achieve the objectives the company continually reviews and improves its management system and its process by implementing an effective Quality Assurance System (QAS). Constant improvements are made which is able to satisfy our customer’s requirements as the ISO 9001:2015 standards. This is to provide confidence to our customer. Hence, the implementation of the Quality Control Policy is mandatory for all our employees. The procedures and practices outlined in our Quality Control documentation are there to ensure the staff understanding of meeting customers, statutory and regulatory requirements.

KSS Organization Chart