Control Room Service

KSS has a 24/7 operational control room with communication equipment to monitor daily activities of our guards and branch offices. Our guards are equipped with handheld radio sets, mobile phones, etc. Quality and dedicated service is of utmost importance at KSS, and we ensure that our guards always remain alert and vigilant. We conduct random spot checks as well as schedule checks during day and night. Our guards report to their supervisors, operation managers and control room regularly to ensure a high caliber of security service to our clients.

Recruitment and Selection

Safety of our clients and their assets is of prime concern at KSS. We go through a rigorous process of carefully selecting our guards, providing training, and getting them ready for placement. Our effective selection and recruitment process to hire our security guards has contributed to the success of KSS thus far. Our guards are known for their loyalty, strength and fitness and mostly comprises of ex-army and police pensioners who bring their experience and sound judgement to the workplace. Prior to deployment of our guards, we ensure that they are provided a week’s orientation, where their expectations are set, and their roles and responsibilities well defined.