Control Room Service

Having a large number of clients, KSS has set up its own control room equipped with communication equipment to monitor daily activities of the guards and branch offices. For easy and quick communication the company provided its security guard with hand held radio sets, mobile phone, etc. All these services communication sets are connected with control room which is in operation round the clock for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Apart from these in order to keep the guards alert and vigilant, the company deployed supervisors for scheduled and unscheduled checking during the day and night as well. With all these provisions to keep the guards in best possible shape in order to ensure the best service and security the guards must report to supervisor, operation manager and the control room regularly to ensure that we provide the best security to our clients.

Recruitment and Selection

Safety of customers and their assets is of prime concern for the company which needs very careful selection and placement of security personnel. Therefore company has well established and effective selection and recruitment process to hire right security guard. The recruitment process is more focus on candidate’s loyalty, strength and fitness and preference is given to ex-army and police pensioners so that the clients experience a better and safer security. Prior to deployment all guards are given one week orientation as the company believes in well defined job responsibility to all its staffs.